Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Again???

We made it through another harvest! All the 2010 is in barrel and actually tasting really good considering the tough year. But i feel great as what i had said in the film about "...hoping to make wine each year"....." is coming true. We are actually in the second year of the Tanner/DaFoe label too! nothing in bottle yet, but the wines are coming along great and will be available October 2011! this is a collaborattion with my business partner Jeff. really stoked about the future. we are making Cab from couple different clones. Some really special stuff i think! well hunker down for the Holidays and all the best to everybody as we get invaded by the marketing martians...
who knows when we will see another post...I'm going snowboarding!

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Back in Black!

We have moved back to Santa Barbara and things are well. San diego was awesome, but opportunity brought us back!
Amazingly the film keeps getting bit of steam from people near and far. some events on the rise:
Showing and tasting at Santa Barbara Winery on the 19th of May at 6pm
and on the 6th of June in Valencia CA for a food pairing and showing. please check the site for info about the events.
We bottled our 07 Cab from Estelle Vineyard a month ago. the wine tastes great and amazes me because of the trail it took to get to the bottle... First i had to miss the harvest due to my wifes competition schedule, but then the Witch Fire broke out in SD... i had to evecuate and while doing so i knew i could not go to france the next day for her comp, so i jumped on the phone had a deal for my grapes and 3 days later was on the road to Santa Ynez to get my fruit! the wine fermented as the ground still smoldered and luckily our house was spared somehow though scared by fire a little. got it in barrel and endured the Ramona Summer, then a racking then 2 years later off it went back to Santa Ynez a well traveled wine! never really had it in the cold, so it really is a wine in the "old style". got some real nice glass from Bryan Babcock and it is now in the bottle!
other news: i am in partnership with a label now called Rogue Cellars. o9 is our first vintage and the Cab is progressing beautifully. recently it made it all the way through malo and the flavors are back! we hit it with sulphur and now it is tucked away to age!
we are targeting 125 cases

Hope all are well out there if anybody reads this. videos to come soon.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sunday, December 28, 2008

The time after

Hello and good tidings!
We were in Santa Maria with family for the Christmas feasting and consuming.
Great day!
the next day i made it to San Luis Obispo for a photo shoot with Mike Sinor and Matt Ortman.  It was great to get to be back in the Edna Valley! so beautiful. Also getting to see Mike and Matt again was great! Two people who's wines make any day better.

here is the article that came out today in the San Luis Obispo Tribune.
-On the winemaking side;
It is nice and cold these days so the wines are loving it and falling bright.
-Also of note, I have been working on my next feature film project which i am calling: The Angel's Share.
It is a horror film a will star a well known Santa Ynez local. more on this as things progress...
-The New Year is here! hope you find someone and somewhere warm to ring it in!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good News

Well i hope you are all having a good holiday time!!!!
Still busy here with life and work. we are starting to get some good press so that is very positive! the holidays are a hard time to get much going, but things are still happening. take a look here at the Pacific Coast Business Times for a nice little piece! also we are getting really positive feedback from people far and wide. so i am quite stoked on this!
Hope you all have safe and wine filled holidays!
All the best,

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holey days a comin

Here they come like a rogue train!!!!!! look out. keep arms and legs off the track and bring your wet boots! ha ha
ok ok. hopefully you all will have a family and friend filled time over the next couple of weeks! We are feeling super blessed here.  The wedding is over and almost all the bills paid, family will be here soon and our friends are all good.  
We just had a great storm here in san diego that brought much needed rain and lots of local snow to Big Bear!  My friend Marko, up at bear, just told me last night that it looks like 4+ feet up there so we are off to good start.   condolences go out to all those ill affected by the storm though.

DVD sales are doing well and we have just begun the job of getting the public aware!

The film seems to be really connecting with people as the comments are coming in on the blogs and through emails. makes me feel good to see this happening.

so i braved the rain last night to top and taste my 07 and 08 cabs.  the o7 is really coming well and it is almost time for me to combine the three barrels one being a new hungarian 36 galloner. this will be my main "oak" source as the other two barrels are neutral the blend is perfect, making roughly a 25% oak influence.  just like i like it. no 2x4s to the head. mmmmmmm 
also i made a new label (on top) for my 06 sangiovese that we are getting ready to label. Vedova Nera is supposed to be translated in italian as "the black widow" owing the black widow that was living in our fermenter and had to be relieved of her duties., so we named the wine after her.  my friend Rick Loos was a partner in the wine and we are very proud of how it came out! Again this wine was from Wolfgang Hallauer's vineyard in the heart of Santa Ynez. great spot!

Well hope you all have good celebrations and hug a couple people you like, maybe even one you don't like and make sure to mutually rub inappropriately someone you really like!
all the best,

Monday, December 08, 2008


Hi All,
The Cabs and Chardonnay are coming along good. we are getting some cold weather, so i will be saving on the old electric bill for cooling the wine!

The DVD is selling on the site now and interest has been incredible! sales are moving and we have barely started the push. Wes Hagen from Clos Pepe Vineyard did a couple of posts on Robert Parker's forum and we got a nice kick out of it! Very exciting as things start to happen and are in the works for the distribution.

Good News! one of the film's featured winemakers, Kenny Likitprakong from Hobo Wine Company, has left his position of Winemaker at a Russian River winery to concentrate on his own brands and make a go of it. As if that wasn't enough, they have also struck out and partnered in a tasting room venture with Branham Estate Wines in downtown Healdsburg. Along with his sweetheart Lynn and daughter Ida, it is an awesome step in the evolution of their life and wines. Kenny's commitment to unique and incredible vineyards and wines is inspiring and we wish them the best and look forward to the bright future of their family and brands!
The picture above is my girl Jen in one of Kenny's favorite vineyards in the Rockpile AVA, gettin' in on the pick!
Check out the tasting room at 132 PLAZA STREET, downtown Healdsburg.
The tasting room phone number is 707-473-0337

Happy Holidays!